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Delta's Secret Las Vegas Project is Some Sort of Theft Prevention Thing

January 2, 2014 at 12:19 PM | by | Comments (0)

Delta is doing something new when it comes to how they handle the whole baggage carrousel thing, as they want to ensure that you go home with the same bag that you brought to the airport.

We guess there must be a baggage theft problem—or other issue—over in Las Vegas, as that’s where Delta is in the middle of a two-month pilot program aimed at cracking down on stolen baggage.

Unfortunately it doesn’t sound like there’s any high tech way to go about this, as Delta is just going to check your bags against your claim stub, like in the olden days!. The airline is blocking off a couple of the baggage carousels within Terminal 1, and employees will be on hand to do all the bag checking. McCarran International Airport isn’t on the hook to pay for any of it; this is a wholly Delta production.

Obviously we don’t want anyone stealing our bag right from baggage claim—or stealing your bag—so we understand the need for this. However, this procedure does occasionally pop up at US airports, and we always found it to be kind of a pain since travelers frequently lose track of the tiny sticky baggage tag receipt stub the employees need to match luggage to owner.

If sticky-fingered folks are hanging around the baggage carousels at LAS and this prevents them from walking away with your Samsonite, that's great. But, during our most recent visit to Las Vegas-McCarran, we hung out at baggage claim for quite some time and witnessed plenty of abandoned bags. The first step towards theft prevention, we'd think, is not dilly-dallying with the slot machines in the terminal; head down to bag claim and pick up your stuff first!

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