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Tweeting Sharks are Helping Swimmers to Stay Safe in Western Australia

Where: Australia
January 2, 2014 at 11:44 AM | by | Comments (0)

At this point we’re pretty familiar with using Twitter in the world of travel. Airlines use it, destinations use it, and of course we use it as well. However, one new user seems to be doing the Twitter thing right from the water, as sharks are now on social media down in Australia.

Those splashing, surfing, and swimming in waters over in Western Australia can now do so with a little less worry, as there’s a Twitter feed dedicated to alerting those to potential shark sightings in and around the area. The best part is that sharks are kind of using Twitter all on their own.

Scientists have attached a bunch of electronic transmitters and doodads to over 300 sharks, and as a result they can see where they are as they do their thing in the water. Alerts are now in place when sharks get to like within a half a mile or so of shore, and this sends an automatic update to a Twitter account that belongs to Surf Life Saving Western Australia.

They’re @SLSWA if you want to check them out. As of this morning it looks like there’s a Tiger shark doing its thing near the City Beach receiver, so be alert!

The batteries in the shark receivers are set to last around 10 years, so there’s plenty of time for the sharks to continue their presence on social media well into the future. For those enjoying the surf and sand in the area be sure to follow the sharks on Twitter, and hopefully you will be friends online and not in real life.

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