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12 New Year Resolutions We're Making for Travel in 2014

January 2, 2014 at 12:46 PM | by | Comments (2)

After thousands of stories and countless countries in 2013, we're more than ready to begin a fresh year. To launch into 2014, we're making a few resolutions. Travel resolutions. It goes beyond losing weight or promising to do our laundry more frequently; these tackle how we interact with the world.

What are you resolving to do with your travels in 2014? Share in the comments!

I've been toying with the idea of going for Executive Platinum status on AA, and this will be the year I do it.

In 2014 my resolution is to get more bang for my travel buck by taking stock of points and miles programs, setting up a bank account specifically for travel, and getting the most out of that AAA card my parents get me for Christmas every year!

I'd like to take charge of my travels beyond planning, booking and paying. This means doing my own driving (must finally learn manual transmission!), boating, and perhaps towards the end of the year, my own flying.

My resolution is to come up with a trip that will properly mark it being a decade ago I first moved abroad, reflect on places I've been lucky enough to visit and people I've been lucky enough to meet, and kick off the next ten years of traveling ahead. Also, fly more airlines and sleep in more hotels. The usual.

I visit New York/New Jersey, Florida, San Francisco and Las Vegas multiple times a year, but this year I want to hit up other U.S. cities like Dallas, New Orleans, Chicago and DC. Fortunately for me, I have friends in all those cities!

Use more frequent flyer miles and save less—just get up and go and stop waiting for the ultimate redemption. And it's 2014 now, so it's probably time I start using mobile boarding passes.

To go to Africa! It's the only continent I haven't been to. And to work on my Spanish so that I know how to use more than just the present tense.

My resolution is to visit countries 68, 69 & 70 for me, and cross the 2 million mile mark with Air Canada.

My resolution? To book more than 50% of my hotels more than 2 days before I arrive. Or more than 25% of hotels, just to get started.

I would like take advantage of 'last minute' airline deals and pop over to a new country for the weekend. My plan is to do at least one spontaneous international trip this year.

I would like to travel to more places that I never thought I would visit; I'm talking somewhere remote and off the map, hopefully involving hiking and camping.

I'd like to continue to reduce the frequency with which fear of rejection prevents me from engaging locals in both foreign countries and my own.

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Comments (2)

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Maybe a little overzealous

100,000 miles in the air 150 nights away from home 4 Continents Already have trips to Peru and Ireland booked, so maybe I have a chance.

It's now or never. Just booked Japan flight.

For years, when I ask people what was their favorite place they visited, many say Japan. It's a trip of a lifetime. I just booked my flight Japan - in 2014, nothing's gonna stop me. It's now or never.

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