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The Coolest Things in Duty-Free Right Now are Chocolate Eggs Filled with Mini Airplanes

Where: Germany
January 20, 2014 at 11:05 AM | by | ()

Remember when McDonalds Happy Meals actually had some great toys inside? Heck, some series were even considered “collectible.” Those days disappeared with the arrival of plastic Bratz figurines and Furbies, but quality surprise toys can still be found, across the ocean, inside chocolate Kinder “Surprise" Eggs.

Every so often, Kinder released a special “traveller edition” pack of its most popular treat, the hollow eggs made of milk and white chocolate. A tiny plastic capsule inside the shell always contains some cute little knickknack, and right now those surprises are Airbus A330 aircraft models.

Available at duty-free shops within select European airports, the A300 traveller pack consists of five Kinder eggs containing five A330 models. Each pack contains all five varieties: Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Asiana, Airbus’ own livery and a special “Kinder Air” A330.

Even better than the fact that the planes are nicely detailed is how the container transforms into a display case, complete with a few printed facts about the aircraft.

How to find it: Fly to Europe. Before exiting security and, when flying home, before boarding your plane, check out the Kinder displays in duty-free shops. We bought this set at Munich International Airport, and yet didn’t spy any left at Milan-Malpensa. They could be discontinued at any time, so get on it soon, but remember that the United States doesn’t like Kinder Eggs for their choking hazard potential, so tuck those treats in your luggage before sauntering back into the country.

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