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Flying with Pot? Whoops! Colorado Springs Will Give You a Do Over, But Not DIA

January 20, 2014 at 10:12 AM | by | ()

Apparently, there has been some confusion amongst visitors to Colorado about the fact that you cannot fly with marijuana, so much so that the airport at Colorado Springs (COS) has installed what they refer to as “amnesty bins” to allow travelers to trash it before they go through security.

Even though pot is legal in the state up to the point where you can have it in your car at COS (but not DIA), you still cannot legally bring it inside the airport due to federal regulations. While no numbers have been released or collected, we’re guessing most of the issues are the result of uninformed tourists as well as from those who are flying intrastate, say, from Colorado Springs to Aspen, and figure they should be all set. It’s a nice thought, but not yet legal.

If the Colorado Springs TSA finds marijuana in your bag at security, they will call the local police, and the boxes were installed to give violators the chance to give it up without penalty. We tip our cap to Colorado Springs for being so reasonable about this and not going bonkers over the clash of federal and state laws. The city could have easily decided to enforce federal law and fine people on site who tried to get through security with a stash of the sticky green, and it’s nice to see people getting the benefit of the doubt.

According to the Denver Post, Denver International Airport has no intention of installing such bins, though, and it also prohibits pot on airport property, meaning you technically can't even have it in your vehicle if you come to pick up a friend. So, remember, even though they are playing nice in the Springs, you can be fined a couple thousand bucks and even thrown in jail if you are found with weed on a plane, so don’t try to be a hero, no matter how much your friends on the east coast beg.

The most important question in our minds: What happens to the contents of those bins at the end of the day? Unfortunately, it is all destroyed. And since mailing it back to yourself is illegal, even for in-state residents, be sure to check your pockets thoroughly before heading to the airport.

[Photo: Mark Reis, The Gazette]

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