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Power On and Phone Home from the Channel Tunnel

January 17, 2014 at 11:30 AM | by | ()

Now more than ever itís hard to disconnect from things, and thatís certainly the case when youíre traveling about. Thanks to a little bit of connectivity ingenuity now you can even reach out and touch someone from under the English Channel, as mobile phone services are arriving for those zipping between the United Kingdom and France.

Those heading back and forth through the Channel tunnel will soon be able to give a ring to friends and family, as it sounds like 4G service will be arriving. Itís the north tunnel thatís getting the new cellular beams and bits, and this will be the first time you can continue to talk to your grandma as you travel from the island to the continent.

Things should be up and running as soon as the summer, and after that it looks like Vodafone will be figuring out how to add in some mobile internet capabilities as well.

Whatís funny is that this kind of technology has been doing its thing for a few years between France to England, yet this is the first time this kind of stuff is available in the opposite direction. It usually not like us to get all excited over the ability to make a phone call; however, now that you can chat hereóthereís whatólike five spots left on the globe where you canít?

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