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'Can I Bring My Yoga Mat As Carry-On Luggage?'

January 17, 2014 at 2:40 PM | by | ()

With each new season comes new questions about what passengers can and cannot take onboard a plane. Thus, we'll be addressing some of the most popular requests with a series called, "Got Baggage."

Here's some raw truth: traveling nowadays can be quite hectic and stressful. One great way to combat this undue stress is to ensure you fit in some healthy and relaxing activity while away. A morning jog, afternoon weights session, or even some in-room yoga does wonders to burn off any aggression and replace it with peace.

If you're a yogi who jets off to exotic (or not so exotic locales), you might want to pay attention to the carry-on baggage rules before settling into Shavasana.

Standard yoga mats are about 24" wide and are carried rolled up in a compact cylinder, so you really only have to consider this length. Even though it's just over the 22" limit for roll-aboards, the rolled diameter of about 6" keeps the cushy and tacky mats well within the total carry-on size allowance.

Since the majority of modern mats are made from PVC or Thermoplastic elastomer and are thus super light, they won't tip the scales and will easily be allowed on board. Best of all, they can be squashed, placed in tight spots, and rested on top of other luggage so as not to take up too much room or cause breakage of delicate souvenirs.

Airlines don't specifically name yoga mats as sporting equipment, so we recommend to grab a strap that wraps around a rolled-up mat and can simply slip over your shoulder. This keeps the mat out of your way and your hands free to grab some freshed-squeezed veggie juice. Have a long layover? Remember that airports are increasingly opening yoga rooms!


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