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How 'Jack Ryan' Traveled to Moscow and New York Without Leaving London

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In Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, a young marine is offered an undercover job at a Wall Street firm where he uncovers a Russian plot to destroy the US economy. Jack is then dispatched to Moscow to confront the man behind the plan but, in reality, he spends most of the movie in the UK.

Even though both New York and Moscow play a large role in the movie, the crew spent only a few days filming in each city, with the rest of scenes were filmed in London for both logistical and financial reasons.

Check out a few of the British landmarks that stand-in for either Moscow or New York throughout Jack Ryan:

Liverpool Street Station in East London was transformed into a Moscow skyscraper where villain Viktor Cherevin houses his offices.

Victoria House in Bloomsbury Square was then turned into the fictional Hotel Grushnitsky in November of 2012. In real life the historic building is home to is "prime office, retail and leisure space including an original art deco ballroom."

London wasn't the only U.K. city whose streets were fashioned to look like Moscow. Brunswick Street in Liverpool was used for a few Russian driving scenes, too.

New York also gets the London treatment as The Artisan Of Clerkenwell became a New York bistro and a closed tunnel in Birkenhead, Merseyside fills in for the gritty streets of NYC in the movie.

You can try to determine what's really NYC and Moscow, and what's not, this weekend as Jack Ryan opens nationwide.

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