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What 2014 Means for the Oneworld Airline Alliance

January 16, 2014 at 8:50 AM | by | ()

The opening of a new year brings new opportunity to the world's three largest airline alliances. Some movement, along with a few new entrants in the major alliances will not only strengthen networks, but open up new destinations for using those hard-earned miles. Today, we have a look at what's happening with the Oneworld alliance for 2014.

Of course the largest news is the merger between American Airlines and US Airways which will see US Airways leaving Star Alliance for Oneworld on March 31. The alliance will gain a new airline only until the merger is complete, at which point US Airways will wholly sucked into American Airlines.

Another merger-related addition is TAM, who will also join the alliance on March 31 as it merges with LAN to complete LATAM. This opens up South America's largest airline market, Brazil, to more destination opportunities for Oneworld flyers. In addition to Brazil, the airline's Paraguayan subsidiary will also join Oneworld.

In June, Sri Lankan Airlines will finish their transition into the alliance and begin flying partner airline passengers from Colombo. With expanded options in central Asia, we can't help to be super excited about easily redeeming miles for flights to the Maldives!

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I am unclear on the advantage of OneWorld. Can a flyer use frequent flyer miles from one company to secure seats on another?


Alliances allow both earning and using miles on the group of airlines with reciprocal higher status benefits.