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Gandolf Blows into Wellington on a Giant Eagle Admist Hobbit Buzz

January 15, 2014 at 1:28 PM | by | ()

We've come to that special time again when a new Hobbit movie is released and entire nation of New Zealand goes gaga for all things Gandolf and Bilbo. In the air, the giant Smaug took to the skies with Air New Zealand and now the folks at Wellington International Airport have, again, gotten into the fun.

In 2012, the airport installed a giant (not to mention so realistic it was creepy) Golum above its food court to share in the excitement of the newest movie. Now, airport visitors are greeted by two Great Eagles suspended from the ceiling and Gandolf perched on top of one of the 2,000lb sculptures.

Wellington is considered the "Middle of Middle-Earth" since the sets, costumes and digital effects are created in Weta Studios that call the Kiwi capital home. Thousands of film fans are flocking to the (other) windy city for location tours and studio glimpses. If you're really interested in seeing what all the fuss is about, keep in mind that Wellington isn't the only fan location, it just might be the biggest; remember our trip to the real Hobbiton?

Even though we kind of expect something Hobbit to come out of NZ every time a movie is released, we still get giddy about a little fun airport art. Especially when it has to do with flying wizards.

[Photo: Wellington Airport]

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