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Flight Review: A $49 Frontier Trip to Trenton Airport. Is It the 'New Newark?'

January 15, 2014 at 1:55 PM | by | ()

In case you haven't flown to New York City lately, the metropolis' "big three" airports of JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark are pretty hectic places, operating at capacity most hours of the day. Expansion isn't much of an option since, last time we checked, the Big Apple was pretty skint on available land. Thus, to find cheaper airfares and more flexibility, a traveler can look to airports further out, and perhaps even as far as the other side of New Jersey from Newark.

On Frontier's route map, Trenton-Mercer Airport (TTN) is touted as being an alternative to Newark Airport, and only "1 hour away." If it's an option for Newark, that means it could be yet another airport choice for travelers headed into or out of the NYC area as well.

Currently Frontier flies nonstop to 13 destinations from Trenton: Cleveland, Detroit, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Nashville, Chicago-Midway, Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh/Durham, Orlando, Tampa, Fort Myers and Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood. That's quite a lot of activity for an airport which, up until very recently, didn't even offer restrooms after security. One flyer even joked, in a Foursquare tip, that the tiny airport is "easy to miss, with that bush in the way."

Undaunted, we booked a flight to see for ourselves if Trenton is the new Newark....

The details:

Flying from Detroit-Metro International Airport to Trenton-Mercer Airport. Ticket purchased on flyfrontier.com and booked nearly two weeks out. No checked baggage, no extras, no trip insurance.

Our one-way flight cost, in MONEY:

$49: Airfare
$35: One-way taxi between airport and Trenton Transit Center
$15: One-way NJ Transit train ticket
$2.50: NYC subway
= $101.50

Our one-way flight cost, in TIME (before boarding):

20 minutes: NYC Subway to Penn Station
20 minutes: early for the NJ Transit train
1.5 hours: NJ Transit train (no delays)
20 minutes: taxi to Trenton Airport (no traffic)
1.5 hours: pre-flight airport time
= 4 Hours

Comparing these totals for each of the other three New York airports varies depending on starting point and other airline airfare. For example, if we were to take our usual flight between LaGuardia and Detroit, it would cost us $170 each way for airfare plus a $25 taxi ride to total $195 one-way. Total time cost would average 2 hours (before boarding).

Boarding in Detroit was really the best part of the entire trip, because Detroit-Metro Airport is a joy to travel from (or to!). The flight itself was uneventful, although we were a bit sad to see that absolutely nothing was complimentary, not even sodas ($1.50 per can) and not the LiveTV on the postage stamp-size screens (swipe your credit card to continue watching after about 20 intro minutes).

We landed at Trenton, and had the choice of disembarking down a ramp at the front of the aircraft, or stairs at the rear. From there, a short walk across the pavement brought us to a portable, temporary building which was serving as the baggage claim. Were we even in the right place? With no bags to claim, we left there and found ourselves on a plain sidewalk outside, leading up to the parking lot. A few vehicles waited, with some taxis. There is no bus stop at the terminal, but rather a bus does stop during limited days and limited hours a couple blocks away, and takes around an hour to reach the Trenton Transit Center.

From Trenton Transit Center, there are options to take the SEPTA or Amtrak to Philadelphia, or the NJ Transit train or Amtrak to NYC, with intermediate stops in New Jersey. Seats on the Amtrak train to NY Penn Station began at $40 one-way, the day we checked. Meanwhile, NJ Transit is steady at $15.

Still we're not totally sure if Trenton works as a substitute New York airport for your needs. Below, we break it down:

When it makes sense:

You’re desperate. You have a last-minute need for a flight and you don’t mind if it were to leave from Newark-Liberty Airport. You’re traveling light, and your budget is extremely tight. Airfares are looking high for the major NYC-area airports including Newark, but a Frontier flight from Trenton to your destination is hundreds of dollars less. The weather is good (you don’t want to be stuck with non-working NJ Transit trains, or a flight delay or cancellation in Trenton).
You’re curious about Trenton Airport.
You have a rule to buy only the cheapest flight, so long as it’s taking off from an airport within easy transportation.

When it doesn’t make sense:

You’re traveling with children.
You’re traveling with checked luggage.
You’re a nervous traveler who doesn’t enjoy change.
You have limited time.
You have status on another airline and enjoy earning frequent flyer miles.
The airfare for NYC-area airports is within budget.
You have an aversion to NJ Transit or New Jersey.

Conclusion? Trenton as the new Newark = no. Trenton as a Philadelphia option = much better.

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Archived Comments:


This is great!

Not for NYC residents but great for Central Jersey

Your correct, this probably isn't the right airport for people coming or going to NYC. Currently they don't have good transit links. Though those traveling to Philadelphia have a more reasonable option with a 10 minute $8 cab ride to West Trenton SEPTA station and an hour $9 ride on SEPTA to downtown Philly. I think Frontier was referring to those traveling by car, it is definately doable (unless at rush hour) to get from Newark Airport to Trenton Airport in an hour. The main group this airport is perfect for is those who live within an hour drive of the airport and use their cars. I live 35 minutes away and so far in the past year I've used it 3 times. Next one will be a flight in Early February to/from Orlando $69 each way.