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Ryanair Takes to Twitter to Acknowledge Existence of Human Beings

January 15, 2014 at 5:10 PM | by | ()

An unordered list of things that we thought we knew about Ryanair and social media: Ryanair hates social media, when Ryanair does use social media it's only in a deeply hateable way, and - if the airline's PR shop is any guide - you have to hate other people to do social media on Ryanair's behalf. So basically, everything you'd expect from a company where the CEO spent years openly denigrating customers, at one point suggesting that recession-plagued Greeks could pay for flights with goats.

So imagine our surprise when last week the LCC announced that it would be hosting weekly Twitter Q+A's. First up in the queue was none other than Ryanair's "I put customers last" CEO Michael O'Leary.

We were actually a little surprised to learn that Ryanair was launching these talks. Last October they subjected Twitter to O'Leary and the resulting trainwreck - or, if you prefer, the resulting plane crash - made international news. There's no reason to dwell on the ugly details of what transpired, but suffice it to say that within a few minutes people were asking why Ryanair's CEO was being "a sexist pig" in so pubic a venue.

That was before the Q+A even got going. Remember that some people deeply loathe Ryanair, and so once the questions got going, many predictably ranged from openly hostile to murderously angry.

This time around O'Leary wore a clown nose for the session, and things seemed to go a little bit better.

Next up, for a Q+A taking place on Twitter tomorrow, will be Head of Sales and Marketing Peter Bellow. If you'll be wanting to get your hate on around 4pm tomorrow, the hashtag is #AskRyanair.

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