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First Time to Australia: Try the Kangaroo Pizza!

Where: 100 Cumberland Street, Sydney, Australia
January 17, 2014 at 3:23 PM | by | ()

It's always sunny in Australia, or at least right now it is, during the Southern Summer. Oz is one of those destinations that can take a little more planning and a little more money to make happen, but it's worth it the moment you set foot on Aussie soil. All this week we'll be sharing our best tips for taking that leap for a first-time trip Down Under.

What looks like a pretty normal meat-lovers pizza may, in a place like Australia, be quite abnormal.

At the Australian Heritage Hotel pub and restaurant in Sydney's The Rocks neighborhood, the menu of over 30 local Aussie beers is complimented by some decidedly Down Under fare: pizzas topped with meat from kangaroos, emu and crocodile.

On a tip from a Sydneysider friend, we went with the "Coat of Arms" pizza. Take out a 50 cent AUD coin and check out that Australian coast of arms on the reverse, and you'll find the magnificent profiles of a kangaroo and emu flanking a shield. It's the meat of both these animals you'll then find on the "Coat of Arms" pizza, hence the name.

While you're waiting for that pie, have a look around. The Australian Heritage Hotel completely lives up to its name, being the oldest continuously licensed pub in the City of Sydney and included on numerous historic architecture registries.

Prices aren't cheap, with specialty pizzas starting from $16.50 AUD (the Coat of Arms is $19.90), but consider the factors at work here: historic location convenient to major tourist sites, local and exotic ingredients, awesome beer selection to wash it all down. Not to mention that it's an easy story with which to delight everybody back home, when they ask what you got up to Down Under!

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