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A Bikini-less Flight Attendant Calendar Hits the Stands for 2014

September 27, 2013 at 1:28 PM | by | ()

Flight attendant calendars don't exactly have the best reputation. Despite the presence of attendants on flights for the safety of passengers, sexualizing them is all too common, even decades past the hotpants of retro Southwest.

While Ryanair continues their bikini calendars and Aeroflot goes fully nude, there's one airline still keeping buttons buttoned.

After a hiatus, Japan Airlines is reintroducing a cabin attendant calendar for 2014. Each month features a female crew member, sometimes with and something without an airplane, but always clothed (in new uniforms introduced this year!) and always smiling.

JALflyer finds that the calendars are only for sale in Japan at select bookstores or via the in-flight shopping magazine for 945 JPY ($9.62) each. Keep an eye to eBay!

[Images of past calendars: JAL]

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