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Hop on a Panda Plane to Visit the Pandas

September 23, 2013 at 9:49 AM | by | ()

First we saw British Airways rip the tickets of some cute and cuddly pandas (or at least people dressed in panda costumes) to promote their newest route from London Heathrow to Chengdu, China, the home of the giant panda. Now, the very aircraft taking passengers to the Chinese city dons a cutesy new paint job to look like a smiling panda.

Following All Nippon Airways' suit, BA repainted their Boeing 777 to look like a happy little animal with blacked-out eyes and bit of a smile as it plies the clouds. The route officially took off yesterday en route to China's fourth largest airport.

We do prefer ANA's version a little better since it stands out a bit more when plane-spotting at an airport, but the smile on this bird is a little contagious and it's not every day British Airways rolls out a special livery. Either way, Chengdu makes it on our radar for a new and exciting destination.

[Photos: British Airways Facebook]

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