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One Website Will Change Your Name into Worldwide Airport Codes

September 23, 2013 at 12:42 PM | by | Comment (1)

Coffee break! Need a distraction to send your mind wandering to distant lands? Type "airporting.me" in that browser and enjoy what is a stupidly simple, but stupidly great, little website.

The premise of Airporting.me is straightforward: you tell it your name, and it tells you what airport codes around the world can combine to form your name. It's free and the results aren't always perfect, but it's entertaining regardless.

For example, inputting "Sherlock Holmes" returns with this routing: SHE (Shenyang, China), RLO (Merlo, Argentina), CKH (Chokurdah, Russia), OLM (Olympia, WA), ESS (Essen, Germany). Good luck ever trying to fly your name-route, but one can always dream!

*Shout-out to Jaunted reader @henriquemartin for the tip

Comment (1)

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