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Social Media Haters at Ryanair Finally Cave, Join Twitter

September 24, 2013 at 10:11 AM | by | ()

The traditional approach of Irish LCC Ryanair - reviled customer-demeaning, customer-exploiting airline that it is - has been to avoid social media except in those precise cases where it can be used as a platform for the airline's celebrated douchebaggery. When travel bloggers label you literally the world's worst airline, getting feedback from customers probably isn't high on your list.

We actually once wrote a post musing about what a Ryanair Twitter feed might look like. One possibility we imagined at the time: "@BritishAirways is teh suck lolol!!1!"

Now we'll get to find out how close we were. Apparently Ryanair went ahead and opened up a Twitter account, with the very appropriate handle of @Ryanair. The airline's head, Michael O’Leary, was quoted in a statement promising to focus on, among other things, Ryanair's "interaction with passengers using social media." We'll see about that.

As of this afternoon there have been 12 tweets and @Ryanair has just under 6,000 followers. A good bulk of the content revolves around contests and getting free stuff, so we'd expect to see the number of followers increase, because people like contests and getting free stuff.

And yes, that picture at this top of the post really is the graphic from Ryanair's Twitter feed. What else would you expect from an airline that once managed to turn a charity calendar into a sexism scandal? It's such a delightful company. Who wouldn't want to engage with it on Twitter?

[Photo: @Ryanair / Twitter]

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