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You'll Never Want to Stay in a Hotel Again After Seeing These 'Oldboy' Promos

September 23, 2013 at 12:20 PM | by | Comments (0)

Spike Lee recently completed his remake of the Korean cult classic Oldboy, and now FilmDistrict has released a number of hotel-themed promos in anticipation of the movie's Thanksgiving Day release.

The new ad campaign, with the tagline Hotel Oldboy: Preparing Your Stay, will probably make you think long and hard before you book your next hotel room.

It features a new teaser trailer full of terrifying images from what is seemingly the worst hotel ever. Flashes of blood soaked sheets, syringes, and suffocations can be seen as Samuel L. Jackson's voiceover explains, "Never has a released guest made his presence known to the outside world.”

There are also several new posters associated with the viral campaign with slogans like, "Three in-room meals of day", "24/7 private security", and on-the-spot maid service" over haunting images of this hotel from hell.

You can see all of it (if you think you can handle it) at http://oldboyfilm.tumblr.com/.

[Photo: oldboy.tumblr.com]

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