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A Food Truck in Stockholm Actually Serves 'Airport Cuisine'

September 17, 2013 at 10:29 AM | by | ()

Food trucks go where the people go, and—shocker—people go to the airport. We’ve seen trucks set up shop over in San Francisco, and they’ve been involved with an extended layover down in Orlando as well. This time they’re on the moves overseas, as the latest airport food truck is doing a little airport promotion and marketing in Sweden.

The airport is really proud of what they’re cooking after the security checkpoint, so they’re packing up all the ingredients into the Arlanda Food Trucks & Co. vehicle and heading out into the city.

The plan is to bring the best of airport eats to the masses, as the truck heads into Stockholm to give residents and visitors a taste of the best in concourse cuisine. Menu items included stuff like lasagna, risotto, pulled pork, braised veal, and even ramen soup with wasabi-marinated smoked salmon—this is certainly no taco truck. Everything is made within the truck, and meals are $10 each. However, it’s all the same stuff that’s offered up at the airport, so if you find something you like it’s also available before the next time you takeoff.

We don’t have any firsthand experience with the terminal treats at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, but we like this idea. If an airport stateside wants to get in on things sooner rather than later, we’d recommend Chicago-O’Hare, as we still daydream about those tortas from Rick Bayless’ place—yum.

[Photo: Swedavia]

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