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Meanwhile, in Weird Travel Gear News. a Vibrating Belt Gives Directions

September 17, 2013 at 9:51 AM | by | ()

Before you complain that we're making this up, please see the video embedded at the bottom of this post and this Indigogo campaign page requesting $10,000 for the project. It's not a prank. If it was a prank, it'd be a great prank. But it's not.

Triposo is a travel technology company that makes apps containing maps, recommendations, currency advice, etc. They have iPhone and Android versions of their software. The company touts the ability of their programs to "deliver custom, real-time recommendations of places to go and things to see." So far so good, but things are about to head south.

Apparently the travel system that people have used for literally thousands of years - look down at a map, go in the direction the map indicates you should go - is too complicated for some of the Triposo user base. Even the idea of plugging headphones into a smartphone and having it speak GPS instructions out loud might be well-nigh inscrutable.

So Triposo is crowdfunding a belt that will buzz in the front, back, right, or left to tell travelers where they should go. It would plug into a travelers' smartphone and use the Triposo app for directions. Like a shock collar that some douchebag would put on a dog, except around a human being who is supposed to be having fun.

The Indigogo project page says that this infantalizing, humiliating piece of technology is awesome because "you won't feel like a tourist - no need to get the phone out of your pocket the whole time." True, but the same thing could be said of turn-by-turn GPS instructions.

But wait, says the project page: "it may not be as sophisticated as a turn-by-turn route planner and it might just send you down a couple of streets you had not planned on seeing, but that's part of wandering."

A low-battery shock collar around our waist that will incorrectly guide us to side streets and alleys in cities we don't know? We'll take two.

The project has already raised over $1,250. What's wrong with you people?

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