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A Video First Peek at JetBlue's First Class 'Suite' Seats

August 6, 2013 at 12:58 PM | by | ()

They're heeeeerrrrrrrreeeee! The "First Class" seats JetBlue has been dangling in front of transcontinental flyers were finally leaked, but there's still quite a long road ahead before the private suites with lie-flat seats (yes, lie-flat seats on a JetBlue plane!) take to the skies in fresh-off-the-factory-line Airbus A321s.

A video and some details were shared yesterday at the Global Business Travel Association convention in San Diego, but it looks as though December will the be possibly earliest passengers will have the privilege to plop down and prop up their feet.

We're going to come right out and admit that it's way too early to judge the seats based on a quick computerized peek. Still, at least we have that peek! Already it's got travelers buzzing, from frequent flyers on competitor airlines to infrequent travelers who cite current cramped conditions as a reason to stay home. Even our own friends, some of whom have never flown JetBlue or prefer only to speculate on the mega-airlines, are delighting in the rumormongering. Who doesn't love new airplane smell, and fancy fresh seats along with it?

Introducing JetBlue’s New Interior Design from JetBlue on Vimeo.

[Video& photo: JetBlue]

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