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Little Meets Large: A Superjumbo and a 'BabyBus' Go Nose-to-Nose

Where: Shannon Airport (SNN), Ireland
August 5, 2013 at 4:12 PM | by | ()

In case you were wondering how big an Airbus A380 really is, perhaps this picture will provide some sense of perspective: it shows the brand new British Airways A380 nose-to-nose with its smallest cousin, the teensy Airbus A318. How cute is that? You can almost hear the Disney Planes dialogue: “Move over, little one”. “I ain’t going anywhere, big guy!”

This unique photo-op happened at Shannon Airport (SNN) in Ireland. Why there? The Airbus A380 is on its rounds of familiarization flights before it will start flying to and from Los Angeles on September 24, and made a trip to Shannon as part of this cycle. The A318 of course makes its daily stop on the way to New York-JFK from London’s City Airport, where it refuels, and if you’re on the magic flight number BA001, you can clear US immigration.

Unless the BA A380 starts operating between London-Heathrow and New York, these two are unlikely to meet again (London City’s runway is far, far too small for the double-decker). If you’re eager to try out the A380 before it makes it to the West Coast and you’re traveling to Frankfurt this month, you may just be in luck: as speculated pretty much everywhere, British Airways is running the occasional London-Heathrow to Frankfurt returns with its latest toy.

In addition to Los Angeles, you will be able to find the A380 on the London to Hong Kong route, and as recently announced, Johannesburg from next year. The BA Boeing 787 Dreamliner will be flying from Toronto and Newark Liberty to London Heathrow from this fall as well.

[Photo: British Airways]

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