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Fall Foliage Travel: When to Look for Leaves Around the Northwest

August 30, 2013 at 10:15 AM | by | ()

2013 has been a warmer than average summer, but eventually the tide will turn and you'll go from wearing shorts and tank tops one day, to rifling through drawers for a hoodie to beat the sudden chill in the air the next.

While it may be too early for The Weather Channel to launch their annual fall foliage map, it's the perfect time to begin planning road trips to view what will hopefully be a vibrant year. This week, we'll let you in on the prime times to catch what should be the peak of foliage in regions around the United States.

Fall Foliage report: The Northwest

· Washington State/lower British Columbia: Late October, with a few patches possible in mid-October.

· Oregon: Late October, but best will likely be the first week of November

· Northern California: Nothing for the coast, but in the north eastern bit of California, expect to see color come in around the third week in October, through the first week of November.

· Rocky Mountains: Early October, with the chance of late September depending on your elevation

Further sources:
CN Traveler's destination guide from 2011 still holds up, but remember that the Northwest is home to much flora that doesn't turn color at all, so fall foliage isn't as plentiful as in the Northeast, but it's worth a weekend away.

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