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Portland's Cascade Brewery Lets Fans Be the First to Tap a New Keg

Where: 939 SE Belmont Street [map], Portland, Oregon, United States, 97214
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The TV show 'Portlandia' may have made a Portland, Oregon more popular than ever, but first-timers to this city in the Pacific Northwest will want to do more than shop for books and eat brunch. All this week, we'll detail the must-dos of Portland, from good eats to great history.

In a beer-obsessed place like Portland, you could spend your entire trip visiting breweries. Instead, hit up a one-of-a-kind experience you definitely can’t get back home, one for which you’ll want to start prepping way in advance.

Cascade Brewing’s Barrel House has a tradition known as Tap-It Tuesday. Almost every Tuesday, a non-staff member is given the honor of tapping the company’s latest keg and of drinking the very first glass of the new brew. The waiting list is months long, and many beer aficionados will plan their entire trip to Portland around when they can snag a guest slot. Since the process requires two people—a tapper and a holder—couples often make the trek to Portland to have the experience together.

In order to become a Tuesday tapper, you can go to Cascade’s website and slot your name into the form. But since those slots are usually all taken, you can also call the brewery and try to get added to the list. One thing to keep in mind, though, is sometimes opening up a keg can be a messy experience. If you're getting up close to watch, don't wear your favorite new outfit in case you wind up getting splashed.

In addition to getting to tap the bar's keg of their latest beer, you also may end up on the brewery's Facebook page and YouTube channel, like these lucky people:

[Photo: Cascade Brewing Facebook]

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