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Fall Foliage Travel: When to Look for Leaves Up and Down the East Coast

August 26, 2013 at 1:06 PM | by | ()

Vermont's colors come out in early October

2013 has been a warmer than average summer, but eventually the tide will turn and you'll go from wearing shorts and tank tops one day, to rifling through drawers for a hoodie to beat the sudden chill in the air the next.

While it may be too early for The Weather Channel to launch their annual fall foliage map, it's the perfect time to begin planning road trips to view what will hopefully be a vibrant year. This week, we'll let you in on the prime times to catch what should be the peak of foliage in regions around the United States.

Fall Foliage report: The East Coast

· Maine: It's been a warm summer, but Maine is still on track to enjoy the bulk of their fall foliage during the last week of September.
· Vermont/New Hampshire/upstate NY: First two weeks of October
· Boston/Cape Cod: Mid-October
· New York City/Jersey Shore: Middle, but probably late October this year
· Washington DC/Virginia: Late October
· The Carolinas: Late October to early November
· Georgia: Early November

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If you're keeping to the Northeast, bookmark YankeeFoliage.com. For the southeast, stay tuned to The Foliage Network.

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