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New Routes Headed Your Way from Spirit, Allegiant, and More

August 23, 2013 at 10:02 AM | by | ()

Sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of all the new route announcements that come our way, so we’ve complied a little bit of a rundown below. As long as you can afford the fares, this should definitely help add to your passport stamp collection.

· Allegiant:
If you’re in the market for some cheap flights—and maybe even a package deal—there’s a slew of new routes being offered up by Allegiant. In total they are going to like 10 new cities with around 18 new options. Like most of their existing options the focus is on smaller markets and secondary cities, as they look to connect folks with leisure—and warm weather—destinations.

New options include nonstop flights between Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Orlando and Manhattan, Kansas and Phoenix. Especially interesting are the new flights into New York, as Allegiant will soon be flying in and out of Newburgh/Stewart and Islip/Long Island—both in New York. Head over here for a complete rundown of where they are going and when, but know lots of tickets are already on sale with flights taking to skies as soon as October.

· Sunrise Airways:
So ya—we haven’t heard of them either, but Sunrise Airways is getting ready to start up their very first international flight. The newish carrier is based down in Haiti, and they’ve been doing the flying thing since for just shy of one year. The new flight will link Cap Haitien—that’s in Haiti—with Providenciales over on Turks and Caicos. Things are set to hit the skies as of this Monday, August 26. It’s propeller power all the way for those looking to try out Sunrise Airways and this new route. Expect only around 19 seats aboard the Jetstream 32 EP aircraft, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you need to get weighed—for balance issues—before hopping aboard one of these planes.

· Spirit:
Love them or hate them—they’re here to stay—and this week they are bringing even more new options to here and there. We’re talking about Spirit Airlines, and they’re upping the ante on their offerings to and from Minneapolis-St. Paul. In total there’s four new destinations that are scheduled to hit the skies at the beginning of November. Nonstop flights will start up on November 7, as the Twin Cities gain flights to spots like Los Angeles, Orlando, Tampa, and Phoenix. For now it looks like many of these flights are going to be seasonal affairs, as Sprit hopes to cash in on travelers looking to escape to warmer weather during the cold Minnesota winter. Just remember that your awesome airfare might not be as great as it looks, as Spirit is notorious for adding on fees, charges, and other junk to their low, low fares.

· Aer Lingus:
For those over in Ireland—or just passing through—there’s a new option from the friendly folks over at Aer Lingus. It’s not a long haul journey by any means, but it just might be what you’re looking for as part of a long weekend. As part of their Aer Lingus Regional group, the carrier is starting new nonstop flights between Dublin and Newcastle—that’s over in the United Kingdom. Things should be up and ready for your ticketing pleasure as of right now, but you’ll have to wait until heading off to the airport. The first flights are scheduled to start doing their thing on October 24, with two round trip options each and every day.

· Transaero:
This might be an out-of-the way option for those looking to check out the scene down in Cuba, but nonetheless it certainly is available. Transaero is getting ready to start up some nonstop flights between Moscow-Domodedovo and Havana beginning on December 28. The flights will be a seasonal option—to escape the Russian chill—as things will head back and forth through the end of March of 2014. Boeing 767-300ERs will be in charge of the flying, and things should operate once per week. Russia and Cuba in the same week could be quite the adventure, so start thinking about how to swing this flight before December rolls around.

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