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Airfare Deal: To Save, Take the Long Road Down Under on an A380

August 2, 2013 at 2:13 PM | by | ()

After a few years of unfavorable exchange rates, the US dollar is now trading with Aussie dollars at a favorable rate, thus going a little further when traveling the outback or climbing the bridge in Sydney. Usually a barrier of heading to the Great Barrier reef from the States is a high price tag on tickets, super long flights, or both. While we cannot magically make flying from the US to Australia shorter, we can let you know when they are cheap(er).

On a recent search for flights from Los Angeles to Sydney, we came across an interesting option that really never crossed our mind before, that of traveling through China. Before you stop reading because you're all about traveling with the fewest stops, please hear us out as this one could be pretty cool.

We know that Australia starts to warm up when the US starts to cool down, so we looked at getting 'out of dodge' on November 1st and China Southern Airlines came to the rescue with flights for $1,180 in economy from LAX to Sydney with a stopover in Guangzhou. On any other airline, these flights would be around $2,000.

Easily one perk of the cheaper yet slightly longer journey is that you can ride one of the airline's newer A380s on at least one leg, but depending on your return, you might score it on both flights since the airline serves Sydney with the super-jumbo on certain days.

One of the even cooler reasons why this might work is the fact that you can make China's third largest city an additional part of your itinerary thanks to Guangdong Province's recent inclusion in the visa waiver for travelers in transit of up to 72-hours.

Low fares, new Airbus double-decker, and a new city ticked off the bucket-list? Yeah, told you to hear us out.

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Limit to Thriftiness

I've been known to take detours if it saves me money. (I've flown from Fort Lauderdale to LA via Minnespolis on several occasions.) That said, I'm not sure I'd it's worth $800 to turn a 14-hour trip into a 28-hour trip.

It appears that China Eastern also offers LAX-SYD via Shanghai for about the same price.