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Spirit Airlines and the Case of the Anthony Weiner Dick Joke

August 2, 2013 at 6:06 PM | by | ()

Spirit Airlines recently posted an ad about the ongoing fiasco that is the Anthony Weiner New York mayoral campaign. They did this, first, because they're tactless tasteless douchebags and, second, because they're tactless tasteless douchebags.

Just to be clear. We don't object to the Internet's inherent and inalienable right to make fun of Weiner or his campaign. Gawking at political trainwrecks is why Al Gore invented the Internet in the first place (that's a fact; you can look it up). And it's not like this is even the most tasteless Spirit ad specifically about marital infidelity. This one was probably worse.

It's just that Spirit Airlines travel advertising makes regular things dirty, and even dirty things dirtier. They're just not a pleasant organization. They put their stink on everything they touch. It's frankly gross.

The campaign tagline is even unny. "The Weiner Rises Again." It's just a junior high erection joke, with a graphic of a hot dog holding an iPhone.

The ads promoted $24 savings on flights to Cancun or Los Cabos. Because "Carlos Danger" is a Mexican name, so it's nature to use it connection to flights to Mexico. And it's also Weiner's online persona, so there's a connection to the original dick joke.

Somebody with an Ivy League degree - and hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loan debt - sat in a room and came up with campaign. Stop and think about that for a moment. Contemplate how tragic it is.

[Photo: Spirit Airlines via Huffington Post]

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Spirit is the worst!

NEVER AGAIN! Got overcharged and ignored by their customer service Spirit is the worst. Their continued existence is a mockery of decent business practices and corporate social responsibility. It's time we do something about it! http://www.fspiritair.com/