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Visiting Palm Cove, a Pit Stop on the Way to the Great Barrier Reef

July 9, 2013 at 2:34 PM | by | ()

If you find yourself in Far North Queensland with a trip to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef in mind, be sure not to overlook some of the area’s other gems—especially the beaches. One such detour is Palm Cove, as it’s only 30 minutes north of Cairns right off the Captain Cook Highway.

We figured the beaches in this area were going to be pretty darn nice, but we don’t think we realized they would be this nice. It’s not surprising that this spot was named one of the country’s cleanest—and therefore best—beaches only a few years ago. Palm trees line the shore, and there’s plenty of sand, sun, and surf to go around.

The main drag along Williams Esplanade is only about a kilometer in length, but it’s dotted with boutiques, restaurants, and even a place to grab a bag of foreign flavored chips and a soda—we got honey soy chicken.

Double Island is just offshore adding to the view, and there are lifeguards on hand to ensure your safety as well as to remind you to swim between the flags. That’s a good thing too, as there’s plenty of signs reminding you of all the nasties that can ruin your day—like assorted stingers and crocodiles.

The only issue we had with our stop at Palm Cove is just that it’s one of many great beaches between Cairns and Port Douglas, so eventually you just have to leave and check out the next one.

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