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21 Other Countries That Use Dollars as Currency

July 8, 2013 at 1:45 PM | by | ()

24 hours of travel time can make your head spin or, in our case, cause you to explore the deepest, darkest reaches of smartphone memory. Last week, while onboard the infamously lengthy Singapore Airlines flight 25 (New York to Frankfurt to Singapore), we rediscovered a basic currency translator app and sought to see exactly how many countries call their cash by the name of "Dollars."

As it turns out, it's a lot.

Dollars and the use of the $ sign are hardly limited to the United States. Perhaps you're already even familiar with Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars (pictured above) and New Zealand Dollars, but let's venture down that rabbit hole to see where else the $ leads us...

Very rare: Brunei dollars

$10 US Dollars currently equals:

Australian Dollar: $10.88
Bahamian Dollar: $10.00
Barbadian Dollar: $20.00
Belize Dollar: $20.00
Bermudan Dollar: $10.00
Brunei Dollar: $12.68
Canadian Dollar: $10.52
Eastern Caribbean Dollar: $27.00
Fijian Dollar: $18.74
Guyana Dollar: $2,000.50
Hong Kong Dollar: $77.55
Jamaican Dollar: $1,007.00
Liberian Dollar: $745.00
Namibian Dollar: $99.00
New Zealand Dollar: $12.82
Singapore Dollar: $12.67
Solomon Islands Dollar: $71.40
Surinamese Dollar: $32.75
Taiwanese Dollar: $300.12
Trinidad and Tobago Dollar: $62.51
Zimbabwe Dollar: $3,748.00

Dollars from the Pacific islands of Fiji

Singapore Dollars

Curious to know more on the origin and history of the dollar? Exeter wrote a nice little webpage about it.

[Photos: Rayme G. & Cynthia D.]

Archived Comments:

Oh so colourful

Dollars are like a rainbow of currency... except for the US tatty dollar ;-)

A few more countries

There are also some countries like Cambodia where dollars are used as de-facto currency and local money as change. In some other countries like Nicaragua and Costa Rica dollars can be used for payments just like local currency.

At the end of the day all of them are just colourful pieces of paper and they have value only to those who value them.