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Visit Japan's 'Bunny Island' Before the Internet Ruins It for Everyone

Where: Japan
July 26, 2013 at 5:16 PM | by | ()

While scrolling through Buzzfeed, like we do, we came across this picture gallery describing a tiny island just off Japan's main coast called "Bunny Island." Yes. The Japanese have an entire island where tourists can interact with wild yet tame fluffy rabbits that so overrun the area that it's reasonable to call the place "Bunny Island." Because of course Japan has that.

The island is technically named "Rabbit Island" - Okunoshima - and it has kind of a dark past. During World War II it was used to produce chemical weapons which the Japanese turned against the Chinese. Over six kilotons of mustard gas and tear gas were produced at a chemical weapons facility built on the island. As the war wound down, evidence of the project was largely destroyed or covered up. Today the island is a pristine park with a resort hotel, clear swimmable water, a golf course, and bunnies.

As Buzzfeed noted, "even sad pasts can turn into happy futures!" Exclamation points in the original.

There are an estimated 300 rabbits that roam freely throughout the island, which is accessible only by ferry. Just about all of them have become used to exchanging their cuteness - they'll run up to visitors, jump on laps, and so on - for tourists' food. The local Kyukamura Okunoshima hotel even sells rabbit food pellets.

We advise going there soon. Amusing Planet already suggested months ago that the Internet was causing a tourism spike. The Buzzfeed article won't help.

There are roughly a billion videos on YouTube with people on the island melting down because of all the cuteness. We've embedded two of the more viewed ones below. Look how tame! Look how fluffy!

[Photo: Laura Appleyard / Flickr]

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