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Three Airports with Their Very Own Movie Theaters

July 12, 2013 at 10:50 AM | by | ()

Recently there was some kind of survey, poll, or other question-asking thing that tried to assess what people truly want at the airport. The number one thing was movie theaters, as apparently this is the best darn way to kill time on a long layover or delay.

Well there’s no need to wait around for airports to build multiplexes, as there are already a couple so ahead of the curve that they've already got in-terminal theaters ready to help you pass your transit time.

Singapore-Changi Airport

It’s not surprising that Singapore's airport is fully equipped with the latest in amenities. After all, Changi is the place that actually has slides—yes, those kinds of slides—right in the middle of all the arrivals and departures. The Entertainment Deck is located on Level 3 of Terminal 2—next to the Sunflower Garden—and that’s where you’ll find the airport’s movie theater. Like they say, “its cozy seats and latest picture projection and sound technology is a sure hit for all movie lovers.”

Hong Kong International Airport

If Singapore isn’t in your travel plans anytime soon there’s always Hong Kong, as they’ve got the candy and popcorn as well. It’s not just any theater at Hong Kong International Airport either; it's a full-fledged IMAX screen right in Terminal 2. On Level 6, the place features the largest IMAX screen in the area, and it can hold up to 350 moviegoers. Just be sure not to lose track of time, as you don’t want to miss your flight home.

Seoul-Incheon International Airport

Finally, there’s a movie theater over in South Korea, as Incheon International Airport also knows a thing or to about catching up on the latest blockbuster right from the comfort of the airport. The CGV Theater has two different halls, and each can hold around 240 people munching and crunching as they enjoy the show. It's located within the Transportation Center, and we're thinking that since it's in a public area you can visit without a scheduled flight. Besides the usual feature presentations they’ll also be showing some cultural stuff as Incheon Airport is always eager to show off a little bit of the Korean local flavor.

We’re sure there are a couple more airport movie theaters out there, so if you have a favorite place to catch a movie while in transit—let us know in the comments below.

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