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Wear Your Ticket on Your Wrist with Disney's New 'MagicBand'

June 3, 2013 at 10:01 AM | by | ()

Some time has passed since we first heard of Disney’s plans to create some kind of magic wristband. Testing has been going on in the wild—also known as their theme parks—and apparently things have gone pretty darn well. As a result it looks like they’re getting ready go all in with what they’re calling the Disney MagicBand.

Basically these little electronic wristbands will serve as your admission ticket and more. Visitors will be able to utilize these suckers to enter the parks, serve as hotel room keys, and double as credit cards. It sounds like even things like Fastpass—that’s the Disney ride reservation system—can even be beamed down to your digital bracelet.

Other capabilities may allow characters to know your name—or your kid’s name—as you make your way up for a photo and autograph. Basically Disney is thinking that anything and everything is possible with the new MagicBand.

The full rollout is still a few months away, but it does sound like the first devices will start doing their thing before the end of the year at Walt Disney World Resort down in Florida. Just be sure to watch the kiddos with these things, as you don’t want them charging a bunch of Mickey Ears to your credit card.

[Photo: Disney]

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