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American Airlines to Make a Cute Cartoon Cameo in Disney's New Movie 'Planes'

June 27, 2013 at 10:04 AM | by | ()

Here's a film we can really get into; 'Planes'! In what could be a modern day twist on the retro animated favorite, Pedro, the newest full-length film from Disney features cute little planes, complete with a heart-warming story conveying a very valuable life lesson. Pay close attention when the movie debuts later this summer (August 9) and you'll notice there's a character we're all familiar with: American Airlines' shiny new 777-300ER.

The widebody goes by the name of Tripp and is (of course) painted in AA's fresh livery as an homage to the newest aircraft in the family. Tripp only has a cameo as a flashy commercial aircraft who motivates the misfit crop-dusting plane, Dusty, to fly higher and achieve greatness. Genius brand placement.

American recently treated passengers at LAX and those onboard a flight en route to Dallas to a showing of the trailer for the new 3-D flick. Even cooler, if you plan to fly AA in October, you can catch the animated film as part of the in-flight entertainment before any other airline shows it.

Don't think just because you weren't on the flight or in the airport yesterday that you've missed out on all of the fun. Disney and American have partnered to create a co-branded television advertisement that not only features the talking planes, but a big plug for the "new American." And, as with any cross-branded promotion, there is a prize for a trip around the world. Stay tuned for those details as the film's release nears.

One more thing. We do wonder where Disney got the inspiration for the plane's name, "Tripp." Could it be in homage to Pan Am's founder and a pioneer of commercial jet aviation, Juan Terry Trippe?

[Photo/Videos: American Airlines Facebook, DisneyMovieTrailer]

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