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There'll Be No Par-tay for the TSA on Independence Day

June 26, 2013 at 2:40 PM | by | ()

With Independence Day arriving next week, this weekend will be prime time for purchasing fireworks to celebrate July 4. Because every state decides its own fireworks policy—with some banning the sale of fireworks entirely—there's often an increase in road trips with the express purpose of loading up the back of a pick-up with those red, white, and blue boxes of sparkle power.

In case you were hoping to do some firework shopping and then fly home, the TSA issued their annual "no fireworks allowed" warning on the official TSA blog. Wondering what exactly is banned? Here's a list:

With that said, this is your annual reminder to be sure to leave your fireworks at home and not take them on the plane, in carry on or checked luggage. This includes fireworks such as aerial repeater fireworks, aerial shell fireworks, firecrackers, flying spinners, chasers, fountains, bottle rockets, ground spinners, parachute fireworks, poppers, snaps, skyrockets, missiles, roman candles, smoke fireworks, snakes, strobes, sparklers, wheels, you name it…

Of course the list of items prohibited from airplane travel is far longer, but that covers the majority of what Fourth of July revelers will be buying. As usual, the best advice is to use common sense. If it's flammable, it's not flying.

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