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5 Retro Travel Ads for the South Pacific

June 20, 2013 at 9:34 AM | by | ()

When we mention the South Pacific, what comes to mind? Palm trees swaying in the tradewinds? Yep. Crystal blue waters prime for snorkeling, paddleboarding and, overall, chillaxing? You've got it! Locals who are so freaking friendly, you might make plans to stay a little longer? For sure. The region is synonymous with island paradise and far-flung travel, but this is hardly a new development.

Here's a compilation of the finest retro travel ads we've yet to come across for the South Pacific. Be forewarned that these might prompt you to book a trip to Tahiti or Fiji!

South Pacific: Pan Am wanted to send passengers on the ultimate tropical vacation with island hopping around the region.

[Photo: Zazzle]

Tahiti: The French Polynesian island group has long been the ultimate destination for tropical islands, and how can you beat that glam swimsuit?

[Photo: Zazzle]

Fiji: We're fans of Fiji after a trip to the islands celebrating their newest planes; here's an ad from well before our visit.

[Photo: Retro Planet]

Samoa: Estimated at 3,000 years in age, the grouping of 10 islands are home to fire dancing and warrior tattoos.

[Photo: All Posters]

Easter Island: Rapa Nui, to use the native name for the island, is actually a territory of Chile, but rest assured that it's actually in the middle of the South Pacific and well on our list of faves.

[Photo: All Posters]

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