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Just 365 More Days Until the 2014 FIFA World Cup

June 15, 2013 at 4:25 AM | by | Comments (0)

We remember the last World Cup like it was yesterday. You know—South Africa, vuvuzelas, "tekkies," picturesque stadiums in a country that seems (and is) so very far away, and Spain's victory over the Netherlands. In reality, that was a whole three years ago and the world is quickly moving on to celebrate today as the one-year mark before yet another FIFA World Cup.

The soccer championship series occurs every four years, changing host countries in a wooing process similar to that of the Olympic Games. The last five destinations have been South Africa, Germany, Japan, France and the United States. For 2014, it'll be Brazil's time to shine as the major cities see their stadiums transformed into seething hoards of soccer hooligans wearing their team colors in every manner possible.

Rio de Janeiro's Estadio do Maracana is the heart of the action and, with a capacity of 76,935, we can see why (the next largest is Brasilia's Estadio Nacional with 70,042).

Although we're now able to count down the days until the games from June 12 - July 13, 2014, the 3.3 million tickets will not go on sale until later this summer—August 30th, to be exact. When it's time to put in your credit card details for a seat, your best bet with the official website of FIFA.com. Now expect all eyes to be on Brazil's final preparations and all flight searches on routes to Rio for the next 365 days.

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