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Tan Mom Has an Airport Meltdown, Gets Shipped Off to Detox

June 14, 2013 at 4:31 PM | by | Comments (0)

We're not sure whether it's OK to file this story under celebrity travel, since the celebrity in question is quite rightly and quite accurately described by local news outlets as a "social media pariah"? We're very sure that it counts as alcohol travel, so it's not as if we're going to pass on the story. But just for accuracy's sake, what do you guys think? Yes or no on the celebrity travel part?

"Tan Mom" Patricia Krentcil - this is the one who took her daughter to a tanning facility and then was evicerated for weeks by the Internet - had a layover at MSP. She decided to leave the airport so she could have a cigarette, because of course she did. For some reason when she came back in she had trouble getting past security. Cue total melt down at TSA agents.

Suspecting that Ms. Krentcil had been overserved, TSA officers eventually handed her over to airport police while everyone was standing around the Delta counter.

The police in turn offered her a deal. She was allowed to choose between a 30 hour detainment during which she would detox, or an arrest for public intoxication. Correctly remembering that jail is a bad place, she agreed to do the detox.

We have a number of questions about this story, above and beyond the celebrity travel thing up top (and we're genuinely not sure about that one). First, how did they end up at the ticket counter? Were they trying to get her another boarding pass? Does that mean she left her first boarding pass somewhere inside the terminal? Why would she do that?

Second, we always find it amazing that some people get so drunk they get denied access to airports. Just imagine what would happen if someone tried to enforce that standard at, say, the Las Vegas airport. Air traffic would grind to a halt. Just how drunk was she? And if she was that drunk, how was she still even walking?

[Photo: ABCNews / YouTube]

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