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What a JetBlue 'Premium Suite' Seat Could Look Like

June 17, 2013 at 11:14 AM | by | ()

The current interior of a JetBlue A320—all economy class

Have you heard the awesome news? JetBlue, airline of all-economy-class seating and free snacks, is not only getting new A321 airplanes but brand new "premium" seats along with them. Wait wait wait—these won't just be any old seats, no; they'll be "mini-suites" of First Class privacy and comfort.

Although this is something we rumored as early as March, a confirmation finally came in the way of Airbus and JetBlue declaring their intentions for such seats to the FAA, news broke last week by APEX.

As JetBlue won't be taking any keys to shiny A321s until later this year, there's still quite some time to wait before your butt may enjoy a JetBlue Suite on a flight from one side of the country to the other. Not much is known of the new seats other than that there'll be 16 premium ones, only four of which will get "first class" treatment, complete with "surrounding furniture" and a "sliding element" for privacy.

JetBlue will be going head-to-head with American, United, Delta and Virgin America on many of their transcontinental routes receiving the new planes, so offering lie-flat seats for those stressful red-eyes is a must. Hopefully by this winter the airline should also have their in-flight WiFi up and running, and that's half the battle right there. Nonetheless, here's a few other desires for a JetBlue Suite from some of our favorite frequent flyers:

Seth Miller/@wanderngaramean, who originally broke the news on the blog of the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX), wants:

Private stock of the blue chips, cookies and animal crackers tucked away somewhere in the suite. I could live in that.

Brian Kelly/@thepointsguy, of ThePointsGuy.com, wants:

Fully lie-flat bed (gotta be), mattress pad, duvet, premium booze like Dom/Grey Goose. VIP checkin/security.

Mark Johnson, Director of Jaunted.com & our sister sites, and very frequent JetBlue flyer, wants:

Working plugs! Adjustable screen inserts where you could pop in your iPad (or android tablet) right over the existing screen. Flat beds, of course, pillow menu, noise cancelling headphones.

Juliana Shallcross, Editor of HotelChatter.com and a frequent transcontinental flyer, wants:

Crazy sexy comfortable seats with partitions so I don't have to see other passengers, unlimited food and beverage, an innovative in-flight entertainment system and maybe they could throw in free WiFi as part of the ticket price. Essentially, I want a lot from JetBlue's first class.

Lilit Marcus/@lilitmarcus, a NY-based freelance journalist and frequent JetBlue flyer, wants:

Champagne, foot massages, and my cat in a seat instead of her carrier. And cat snacks. She likes snacks.

Andy Miles/@yikes, Jaunted contributor and very frequent Virgin America flyer, wants:

Even though I sit in Economy about 99% of the time, I really like when there's a rope designating the different cabins. I find that the rope really does keep people from moving beyond their designated cabin level. There's a reason the first class passengers have their own bathroom and it usually comes with a hefty price tag whether it's from direct ticket cost or their loyalty to that particular airline. However, if the food cart is blocking the aisle then I say come forth, economy passenger, use the first class bathroom with impunity!

So what would YOU like most to see in these rumored suites? Share your specifics in the comments!

[All photos: Jaunted]

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