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Celebrities Are Just Like Us: Isabella Cruise Flies Ryanair

June 14, 2013 at 10:10 AM | by | ()

Her dad, Tom Cruise, has his own private jet. But when Isabella Cruise heads off for a summer vacation in Europe, she does as the plebes do and flies Ryanair.

According to Radar, Isabella was visiting friends in London and then hopped a Ryanair flight to Florence. Considering that Ryanair doesn't even operate at Florence airport, it's possible that she flew from London-Stansted to either Ancona or Perugia, then caught a bus or train into Florence. Either way, we're sort of impressed that she flew the low-cost carrier. That's the equivalent of Willow Smith taking a Greyhound bus.

Unlike her brother Connor, who is DJing and getting in the gossip pages, Isabella has kept a relatively low profile. She worked for ex-stepmom Katie Holmes' fashion line for a while and was dating a normal guy (also a Scientologist), though they broke up before this Italy trip.

[Photo: Instagram]

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