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Is RFID-chipped Luggage the Future of Checked Baggage?

June 10, 2013 at 8:24 AM | by | ()

Over at Airbus headquarters they’re usually hard at work designing things like airplanes—and um—more airplanes. Well we guess that’s not necessarily the only thing they have time for, as the aircraft manufacturer is also working on some other innovative travel ideas. Specifically, they're pondering ways to improve the checked baggage experience, and they've just revealed the first hint of some kind of smart bag.

The new suitcase comes complete with its very own iPhone app, and there’s a way to track your bag no matter where it decides to go. That includes when your bag goes on a little bit of a side trip away from your intended location. The new idea—for now known as "Bag2Go"—was cooked up with a couple of other organizations including T-Mobile and Rimowa—the latter a famous German luggage producer.

RFID chips send all the necessary bits and bites back and forth between your luggage and airport systems and, just like that, you'll know where it is when you’re on the go. Each time you travel and check your bag, it will get a new trip-specific label, and from there you can sync things up with your mobile device and your airline reservations.

In some ways it sounds like Airbus has thought of everything, as there’s even a built-in scale that beams that information right back to your phone.

Finally, the bag doesn’t even rely on scans here and there to track its journey (although it can), as there’s also some mobile phone technology right inside the thing as well. Through a little GPS magic, airline officials will be able to figure out exactly where your stuff is at all times—at least in theory. No word on the rollout, or if the Bag2Go systems will ever make it to market; however, this could be the first step to an ever better system, now that self bag-tagging has caught on.

[Photo: Airbus via Engadget]

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