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The Statue of Liberty Reopens July 4 and Tickets are Available Now

May 8, 2013 at 5:29 PM | by | ()

Stretch your legs and limber up as reservations for the soon-to-reopen State of Liberty once again become available. The reopening won't happen until July 4, and it will be the first time the public is allowed back up in Lady Liberty's head and even in her environs since Hurricane Sandy flooded Liberty Island in late October.

Reserve the tickets and boat trip over to the island directly on StatueCruises.com. If you opt to make the trip from Battery Park at the tip of Manhattan, a roundtrip ride and access to the monument will cost $17 per person. Go all the way with a visit to the crown, and it's $20.

Just keep in mind some stipulations about visits to the crown. There's no bathrooms or elevator, and you'll face 354 cramped steps with max 6'2" clearance on the way up. Of course your rewards are the awesome views over New York Harbor and the bragging rights (and Facebook photos).

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