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Score a Free American Airlines Admirals Club Day Pass...If You Have the Klout

May 7, 2013 at 2:16 PM | by | ()

Free WiFI, snacks, drinks, nice restrooms (and maybe showers!), a comfy place to sit, power outlets—airline lounges are as near to haven as a traveler can get in an airport. Too bad entry to them is reserved for an airline's most loyal or highest spending flyers...unless you're in possession of a coveted day pass.

Right now, however, American Airlines is welcoming anyone into their Admirals Club lounges with a free day pass, provided you have enough Klout.

You see, AA wants to hear what even those in Economy have to say about the Admirals Clubs, and naturally they also want to hear it on social media. A one-day pass is typically $50, but they'll hand it over for free if you've got a Klout score of 55 or higher. That pass will then grant you access to one of the 37 worldwide Admirals Clubs (we suggest the one at London-Heathrow).

One winner of all will also be chosen for a one year membership to the Admirals Club. Nice!

Here's what to do to get inside the Admirals Club & entered in the contest:
· Have either a Twitter or Facebook account, or both
· Visit the entry page and sign in using one of those accounts.
· If your Klout score is over 55, you're in!
· Fill out a few more details (name, AAdvantage number, etc) to be entered in the contest for a year membership to the Admirals Club
· Do this before May 31

If you have enough Klout, you'll see a screen like this...

...and there'll be a link to immediately retrieve a PDF of your lounge pass. Print it, pick a lounge from this list of Admirals Clubs, and enjoy the perks. The Admirals Club one-day passes expire on July 31, 2013, so use them or lose them pretty soon. And once you're in, AA recommends sharing tweets and images from inside using the hashtag #AdmiralsClub.

In all fairness, we must attribute this brilliant idea back to Cathay Pacific, who offered the same sort of Klout entrance deal to their brand new lounge at SFO last year at this time. Nice to see that their Oneworld partner is now taking the concept worldwide!

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