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Instagram Photos Show How Karl Lagerfeld's Entourage (and Cat) Travel on Private Jets

May 6, 2013 at 6:22 PM | by | ()

In today's awesome-stuff-found-on-the-internet, we have behind-the-scenes Instagrams of fashion designer/luminary/man-about-the-world Karl Lagerfeld. Don't sigh just yet, for these aren't your run of the mill backstage shots; they're candids of Karl's travels by private jet, as photographed by Sebastien Jondeau.

Today they've flown from Prague to Singapore. That's no small puddle jump, and so their flight prep and onboard meal (sashimi!) come under Instagram focus.

Jondeau, a bodyguard of sorts, acts as Karl's shadow as he travels around the world taking care of business. In his spare time—taking clues from his other Instagram photos—Sebastian enjoys dirt biking, cycling, skiing, and meeting cats.

Speaking of cats, the real Easter eggs implanted in Sebastian's images are candid shots of Karl's fluffy white cat, Choupette. This kitty, whom Lagerfeld has had from a tiny powder puff kitten, is well known to travel in jets with the entire entourage, even taking time out to visit the cockpits and get some sun.

So why are these photos so special? Lagerfeld flies private all the time, and it's obvious from Jondeau's other Instagrams that this is far from his own first flight, but we love the fun attitude that comes through. Sebastian doesn't take himself too seriously, and approaches this big ballin' style of travel with a relatable childlike sense of wonderment. We're not left jealous, but instead find ourselves feeling happy and thankful that he shares the experience.

Check out more photos on his @bentoub Instagram

[Photos: @bentoub/Instagram]

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