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The Best Thing I Ever Bought at an Airport...Travel Pillow Edition

May 9, 2013 at 5:06 PM | by | ()

With airports these days resembling malls filled with clothing stores, gadget shops and restaurants-fine, casual and fast, it was inevitable that we would do a little shopping while we wait to board our flight. In our newest series, we take a look at some of the airport swag Jaunted contributors have found and loved, even years later. Today, Jaunted's Editor Cynthia shares her cherished purchase.

I'm actually quite embarrassed to admit that my "best thing bought in an airport" was done purely with the thought of saving my own butt. Before I had ever flown to Asia, and indeed before I'd flown anything longer than the 7 or 8-hour hop to Europe, I purchased a Cocoon Travel Pillow stuffed with goose down feathers.

The flight was British Airways from Detroit-Metro to London-Heathrow, the start of what would be several months of gallivanting around Europe with plenty of Ryanair seats and stuffy train compartments ahead. Paying $40 for a small pillow didn't seem all that bad, and what an excellent decision that impulse buy turned out to be.

That pillow (which squishes down to fit in a pouch a little larger than a fist and hooks onto my totebag strap) has saved my back on thin-cushioned seats, saved my butt when sitting for 10+ hours, saved my lumbar area even in the plushest business class seats, and been my only source of comfort on hard airport floors.

Currently it's missing, as I hid it from my cat (who mistook it for a play toy) and I've forgotten where I put it. Maybe it's time to buy another? Amazon still has them!

What was the best thing you ever bought in an airport? Share your story in comments below!

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