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Where's the Wow Factor? United's New Uniforms Eschew Designer Inspiration

May 29, 2013 at 2:19 PM | by | ()

Last week we told you how United decided to spruce up their home at Newark to make it all a bit more modern, but that wasn't the only excitement. Part of the festivities included a first glimpse of the new uniforms for staff.

In a move that seems like it's coming from every corner of the globe this season, United joins Qantas, Virgin Atlantic and China Eastern with a full refresh of uniforms. For United, travelers can expect to see flight crew donning their new duds in the skies and terminals starting June 25th.

Going against trend, United did not call upon a fashion designer to update their look and unfortunately it's pretty evident.

Standard dark colors and blah design prevail in the new gear. There's no "wow-factor," although one semi-standout would be the brighter, cerulean shift-dress with a contrasting black geometric detail, but it's still a bit too similar to the current wrap dress. Overall, there's nothing actually wrong with the uniforms, but there really isn't anything special either. At least they're not anything like the proposed modest uniforms of Turkish Airlines. Have a watch of the runway show below and form your own opinion:

[Photo and Video: United Airlines]

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Final Destination: Mediocre

Thanks for posting and absolutely agreed! One can only hope that UA will join this list someday: www.departures.com/articles/high-style-flight-attendant-uniforms