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Photographer Jeffrey Milstein Shows Off Some Awesome Airport Aerials

April 9, 2013 at 9:42 AM | by | ()

You know that we love us some airports. From terminal design and ticket counters to restaurants and lounges—we’re all about it. That’s why we’ve been wasting a few minutes of our day checking out some awesome aerial airport photographs from Jeffrey Milstein.

The photographer’s series Flying illustrates the twists, turns, and everything else from high above the airport. These photographs are taken just high enough above the ground to get a great view of the scene, but some of the little details are just out of sight—no matter how hard we look for the baggage handlers down on the ground.

There’s lot of attention on the New York City area airports with plenty of looks at both Newark Liberty and JFK International. Hopefully we’ll get a look above some international locations before too long, as we’d be happy to gaze at these all afternoon. We just missed some of these photographs on display at the AIPAD Photography Show New York, but we’ll be sure to pass along a reminder the next time they're on display.

[Photo: Jeffrey Milsteinvia PetaPixel]

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