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At The Moment: Disney World's Most Popular Attraction For Girls

April 9, 2013 at 6:28 PM | by | ()

Did you know that a large percentage of girls ages 4 - 12 visit Walt Disney World wearing full blown princess attire? Yeah, this princess thing is huge. Not one to miss a trend, the Disney folks were sure to incorporate plenty of princess themed attractions in the new Fantasyland.

One of the most popular new attractions is Enchanted Tales with Belle where visitors will interact with Belle in her faux French country cottage home. Inside her home you will use props to help recreate the Beauty and the Beast tale. Interaction is the key as visitors can act out scenes, and of course, take part in the popular princess meet-and-greet.

Disney is well aware that character interactions are the life blood of the park, however, they are also aware that parents of today's kids long for the days when characters roamed free in the parks creating extended impromptu character interactions. While we all know impromptu meet ups are a thing of the past, attractions like "Belle" help young visitors extend their character interactions to more than just thirty seconds.

Quick check of the Disney mobile app shows that the current wait time for this attraction is 40 minutes.. There is currently no fast pass for this attraction, so it is recommended you hit this one up first thing in the A.M.

[Disclosure: We were guests of Walt Disney World, but all opinions expressed are our own.]

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Disneyland too

Girls not only show up in full-blown princess gear they can go somewhere (am not exactly sure) and get their hair did princess-style which means glitter and colored extensions. When I went there was a 30-minute wait just to meet Rapunzel and take a picture. Aren't characters just supposed to roam around the park?


It's been about five years since I worked at Disney World, but when I was there, the character meet and greets were scheduled. (I'm pretty sure that policy has not changed.)

There are a couple of reasons for this. First, guests want specific times/places where they can meet the characters. Second, for the safety of Cast Members, characters need to be very close to a backstage area. Finally, roaming characters are safety hazzards for guests. A moving character isn't always going to see the little kid running up. And, the character's "friend" (meaning the Cast Member accompanying the character) can't control a crowd coming from every direction.

That said, the next generation rfid bands and smart phone apps might change things. With electronic notification to guests, schedules can be more easily altered.