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Seats Now on Sale for the Restart of United's 787 Dreamliner Flights

April 8, 2013 at 10:30 AM | by | ()

Its been nearly two full months since the FAA grounded Boeing's brand new 787 Dreamliners due to caution over battery issues, but last week saw the bird return to the air...over the skies of Washington State, at least. Boeing is in the process of trial flights to asses a fix to prevent future fires in its lithium-ion battery system.

Changes could be approved as early as the end of this month, and it's obvious that's exactly what a few airlines are betting on as a recent schedule update shows United's confident enough to put some 787s back on schedule, starting May 31. And those flights, between Houston and Denver, are already on sale, according to AirlineRoute.net.

We attempted to purchase a ticket on the first United flight using the 787, on May 31, and it was not only still available but reasonably priced and light in load.

Picking the first resumed 787 flight and a return, to make a weekend of it, for example

Current seat map of the first resumed 787 flight (booked seats in gray)

Total price for the sample roundtrip itinerary we searched on United.com

As it stands right now, United is banking on resuming 787 use on their Denver to Tokyo-Narita and Houston to London-LHR routes on June 10, 2013. It won't be until August 1, 2013 that United begins their 787 service on three routes: Houston to Lagos, Nigeria; Los Angeles to Shanghai-Pudong; and Los Angeles to Tokyo-Narita. If you've booked on any of these routes for the summer or fall, check your flight itinerary on United to discover whether or not you'll be walking onto a Dreamliner, and it wouldn't hurt to cross-references flight numbers with the latest on AirlineRoute.net if you're serious about scoring a 787.

To be totally fair, seats have consistently been on sale for United 787 flights, but as the battery fix was still in progress, dates were consistently pushed back. This is the first schedule update after a battery fix trial flight, where flight dates may actually hold if all progresses smoothly from here.

Of course all of this could change at any moment, as we found out the hard way ourselves several months ago, attempting to fly a regularly scheduled United 787 from Newark to Houston, only to find it swapped out for a 777 at the last minute. You've been warned.

Note: United may not be the first airline to resume 787 service as Qatar Airways has their fingers crossed for an approved battery fix and a resumed 787 schedule as soon as May 15.

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