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Register Now to Run Down a Runway at New York's JFK International Airport

April 2, 2013 at 10:19 AM | by | Comments (0)

Have you ever wanted to walk on a major airport runway? Hopefully you never have to because of emergency circumstances (see an example of that here), but there is a legal (and safe) way to take a stroll one of New York-JFK's runways, and that's by registering for the JFK Runway Run 2013.

Okay, so its not so much a stroll as it is a full-fledged 5K race, but a portion of it does indeed include tramping on the longest runway at JFK, while aircraft are re-routed to land on a different runway during the race. Apparently the race has been around since the mid-1970s, which is pretty neat-o. Here's even more pertinent details to convince you to run:

It is a very unique race as the main runway is actually closed to aircraft landing and taking off. Aircrafts are routed to land and take off from a secondary runway during the race. During its history the race has never been canceled. As a result of 9/11, security has become a major issue in planning the race.

The Rotary Club works very close with the Airport authorities ensure the security programs in place are strictly adhered to. Runners actually run on the longest Runway at JFK which is almost 14,000 feet, although only a short portion of the main runway is used for the 5K race.

The 2013 race will go down Sunday, April 14 at 9am and registration is open.

Even better news than running on a runway is that it only costs $25 to register ahead ($19 for students), or $30 on race day and with that you also get entered in a special drawing for roundtrip airline tickets. The only potential problem? Getting your butt to JFK early on a Sunday morning, when public transportation is usually at its screwiest.

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